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For some culture and a taste of New York City’s thriving art scene, pay a visit to NYC museums. These world-class institutions are so packed with great attractions for you to see, do, and discover that you might need to set aside an afternoon or an entire day to experience it all.

Visit One of NYC’s Top Museums

New York City is known for its museums. Here are some of the top institutions to add to your list.

ATTRACTIONS_MUSEUM_Man Holding a Guide Inside a Museum

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

This museum is devoted to showcasing thought-provoking, exceptional contemporary and modern art. Here, you’ll find everything from Max Ernst to Frank Lloyd Wright to early examples of the Impressionist movement.

American Museum of Natural History (AMNH)

If you’re interested in the history of life here on earth, the AMNH will not disappoint. Exhibits range from exploring Egyptian tombs to diving deep below the ocean’s surface. You can also discover the universe, birds in flight, butterflies, and animals from the earliest pages of human history.

The Guggenheim

Get going to the Guggenheim to see more world-class examples of fine modern and contemporary art. Sculpture, paintings, video, photography, and more, as well as names like Picasso, Kandinsky, Gaugin, and Pollock await you.

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